Finding the Answers to Write

Four years ago, I felt a tug at my heart to form a writer’s group and encourage those who would join me to write. I believe that nudge came from the Holy Spirit.   “There are people who are perplexed, brokenhearted, tired, sick, lost, insecure, and alone. There are those who are trusting and believing My promises. Some know Who I am, many don’t. I am the answer to every problem, every condition, and every hope. ”   
The impression in my heart born from those words wasn’t what I’d consider revelatory.  I felt like I knew and understood those things, but what did it have to do with a writer’s group?   I am called to write, and so are you. We hold the answer within us that God wants to use to cause transformation.  It is He who gives us the words, and the words we write- change lives. We give the world His answer through writing: fiction, non-fiction, children’s stories, articles, blogs, poems.  The Answer is Write, and when writers come together and set goals, encourage, motivate, inspire each other to write their stories, the reward is sharing in one another’s successes. 
I hope you will take the time to reflect on the words and purpose for sitting at your desks, or tables with your notepad or computers. I hope you will honor your gift and learn how to grow it, sharpen it, develop it by taking classes, attending conferences. More than that I pray you will find and commit to joining a writer’s group. 
Working with others who share your passion, and will give you honest, constructive feedback on your work is invaluable.
Remember, your obedience to write that answer in whatever form it takes, could possibly mean spiritual healing, and life to someone you may never know this side of Heaven.

Writers have the answer!