Growing As an Author

What does it mean?

Babies don’t grow without eating every day every hour.

Plants don’t grow without daily sunshine and watering.

Neither do writers who don’t write every day.

Tip: You don’t need to work on big projects or push toward a deadline to get your daily writer’s nourishment. Finding writing groups online or sharing ideas with friends is a great way to grow yourself as a writer. Join a writers group to encourage you to keep your writing consistent. These can help you create content and keep your writing fresh and diversified.

Grow daily as a writer: Find time to write about something every day.  Start a blog. Find free writing competitions and submit your work

Unintentional Blogging

If you’re a writer, you no doubt have been asked that question more time than you care to remember. I know I certainly have.

I wonder, is it because if you admit you’re a writer the whole notion sounds so nebulous? Like you’re going to write and then what?! On occasion, I’ve made the mistake of admitting I often begin my morning by sitting at the computer and just writing without any specific goal in mind.

I write to stay in practice and in shape. Comment such as those are met with silent disapproval. Do you ever write just for the sheer joy of using words? Writing like that has resulted in some of my best blog posts.