Finding the Answers to Write

Four years ago, I felt a tug at my heart to form a writer’s group and encourage those who would join me to write. I believe that nudge came from the Holy Spirit.   “There are people who are perplexed, brokenhearted, tired, sick, lost, insecure, and alone. There are those who are trusting and believing My promises. Some know Who I am, many don’t. I am the answer to every problem, every condition, and every hope. ”   
The impression in my heart born from those words wasn’t what I’d consider revelatory.  I felt like I knew and understood those things, but what did it have to do with a writer’s group?   I am called to write, and so are you. We hold the answer within us that God wants to use to cause transformation.  It is He who gives us the words, and the words we write- change lives. We give the world His answer through writing: fiction, non-fiction, children’s stories, articles, blogs, poems.  The Answer is Write, and when writers come together and set goals, encourage, motivate, inspire each other to write their stories, the reward is sharing in one another’s successes. 
I hope you will take the time to reflect on the words and purpose for sitting at your desks, or tables with your notepad or computers. I hope you will honor your gift and learn how to grow it, sharpen it, develop it by taking classes, attending conferences. More than that I pray you will find and commit to joining a writer’s group. 
Working with others who share your passion, and will give you honest, constructive feedback on your work is invaluable.
Remember, your obedience to write that answer in whatever form it takes, could possibly mean spiritual healing, and life to someone you may never know this side of Heaven.

Writers have the answer!

Snowfall, Time for Quiet Reflections and Writing

Snowfall in the South is a big deal, whether it’s only a few inches or several history-making feet. After the mad dashes, long lines and general hysteria at the grocery stores before the predicted snowstorm, once the snow has actually fallen, there’s really not much left to do except settle in and wait for it to melt.

What better opportunity than snow on the ground, is there for us as writers to sit at the computer, or grab pad and pen and start writing?   It snowed yesterday.  After sleeping in just a wee bit longer than usual, I sprang into action; fixing breakfast, snapping a few pictures of the snowfall, and finally, settling down with my laptop to write. It was both quiet and still in the early hours, and I don’t mind telling you I ended the first half of my day feeling super productive.  I’d made a good deal of progress on my novel.

I decided to stick with my creative writing flow and take full advantage of the countless Highway Patrol warnings for residents to stay home and off of the streets.  Without the added pressure of getting as much done because of a commitment to fulfill, or errand to run, I found myself totally immersed in my character’s stories, and startled when I glanced up and saw dark sky!  I hope you’ll have several interruptions brought on by Acts of God affording you the chance to take a breather from quotidian schedules and offer you the surprise pleasure of extra time to write something, anything.  My writer friend Kim reminded us that there will always be someone who needs and or will be blessed by something we’ve written. Who knows, through you, God may give someone a much yearned for solution or answer. So write! The answer is – write!

Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash


I spent many years as a non fiction writer. Researching a topic before writing about it was a given. No, it was a necessary tool for writing a credible article.

When I started into the fiction world, I learned quickly that research was still a necessary tool for my writing, in order for it to be believable. Research doesn’t always have to be boring and laborious. I dare say I’ve spent many hours searching for information concerning the invention of aluminum cans and when vegetables and fruit first sold in said aluminum cans. I merely thought fiction writers had such vivid imaginations that they made up things as they wrote their stories. Was I ever wrong.

The story in the novel I’m currently writing takes place in 1930’s America. Here’s a short list of what I’ve learned: Your characters who live in the 1930’s should always speak the vernacular of the 1930’s. They don’t say “Awesome,” It’s “Keen.” Neither would they say “Move it, buddy!” It’s “Shake a leg!” The household items, articles of clothing and menus you write about must match the era. For example, in my book the characters owned a washing machine ( 1908) but not a clothes dryer (1938). New clothes are referred to as ‘New Duds.” I’ve actually had a lot of fun learning new slang and who knows? I just may bring some of these fun words back into circulation.

Growing As an Author

What does it mean?

Babies don’t grow without eating every day every hour.

Plants don’t grow without daily sunshine and watering.

Neither do writers who don’t write every day.

Tip: You don’t need to work on big projects or push toward a deadline to get your daily writer’s nourishment. Finding writing groups online or sharing ideas with friends is a great way to grow yourself as a writer. Join a writers group to encourage you to keep your writing consistent. These can help you create content and keep your writing fresh and diversified.

Grow daily as a writer: Find time to write about something every day.  Start a blog. Find free writing competitions and submit your work

Unintentional Blogging

If you’re a writer, you no doubt have been asked that question more time than you care to remember. I know I certainly have.

I wonder, is it because if you admit you’re a writer the whole notion sounds so nebulous? Like you’re going to write and then what?! On occasion, I’ve made the mistake of admitting I often begin my morning by sitting at the computer and just writing without any specific goal in mind.

I write to stay in practice and in shape. Comment such as those are met with silent disapproval. Do you ever write just for the sheer joy of using words? Writing like that has resulted in some of my best blog posts.