Snowfall, Time for Quiet Reflections and Writing

Snowfall in the South is a big deal, whether it’s only a few inches or several history-making feet. After the mad dashes, long lines and general hysteria at the grocery stores before the predicted snowstorm, once the snow has actually fallen, there’s really not much left to do except settle in and wait for it to melt.

What better opportunity than snow on the ground, is there for us as writers to sit at the computer, or grab pad and pen and start writing?   It snowed yesterday.  After sleeping in just a wee bit longer than usual, I sprang into action; fixing breakfast, snapping a few pictures of the snowfall, and finally, settling down with my laptop to write. It was both quiet and still in the early hours, and I don’t mind telling you I ended the first half of my day feeling super productive.  I’d made a good deal of progress on my novel.

I decided to stick with my creative writing flow and take full advantage of the countless Highway Patrol warnings for residents to stay home and off of the streets.  Without the added pressure of getting as much done because of a commitment to fulfill, or errand to run, I found myself totally immersed in my character’s stories, and startled when I glanced up and saw dark sky!  I hope you’ll have several interruptions brought on by Acts of God affording you the chance to take a breather from quotidian schedules and offer you the surprise pleasure of extra time to write something, anything.  My writer friend Kim reminded us that there will always be someone who needs and or will be blessed by something we’ve written. Who knows, through you, God may give someone a much yearned for solution or answer. So write! The answer is – write!

Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash